How To Solve Linux Problems - How To Post On Linux Forums

Don't feel insulted if you have been asked to read this. Many of us have been asked to "do their homework" at some time in their posting career, found this kind of advice useful, and are now sharing it.

I have been using Linux forums for years and it's not so long ago I started trying to help others. Sometimes my posts might not lead to a solution - but I believe that problems are solved by combinig efforts. If a topic is active, it gets many forum member's attention, and believe me, the dedicated ones are just waiting for you to provide some information that enables them to help.

Others have been writing about this before:

In the following text, I try to put together what I find most important. A lot of it can be found in one of the three articles mentioned above.

Things to consider - Before you post:

When it's time to post:

Please don't take these suggestions as holy law. Nobody follows these 100% when posting. Don't feel/think that you screwed up when you haven't followed all of these instructions. It's rather the other way round - if you remembered to do at least one, there's hope. And the fact that you read all the way to the bottom of this page counts for something in itself.

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